Monday, July 31, 2023

Blog #1 - Liany


My name is Liany Cruz! I live in JFK/UMASS (Harbor Point on The Bay) and I go to Boston Arts Academy as a rising senior! I’m an instrumentalist at BAA, I play the electric bass and the double bass. I also am a singer outside of school and I’m in a program/school called Hamilton Garrett Music and Arts Academy. I’m in the youth choir and sing an alto/tenor! I love music that's what I’ve been doing since 3rd grade at Conservatory Lab Charter School and I want to go to college for Musical Theater. I also am going to be in our advanced band at school called Charlie Brown as a bass player and ill be going to the Berkeley Gospel Performance Program this july 24-28th! Love math and humanities if I wasn’t going to go to college for musical theater/music i would definitely go in for math or humanities or even criminal justice because it seems so interesting. Finally, i also went to camp harbor view as a camper for 3-4 years and i went onto the rising program and became a first year l.i.t. YOMOOOO FOR LIFE. 

Something I learned about boston harbor & cleanup is that on spectacle island it was a trash/landfill for years and years and that when they finally decided to start cleaning the island to become more accessible and clean to the public, they piled up all the trash put dirt all over it and set the island on fire. And the fire burned for 10 years! Another thing i learned about the marine science of the Boston harbor is that green crabs are actually very dangerous to our ecosystem since they originated from Europe and weren’t originally from here, so they’re an invasive species ad need to be killed off. My favorite part of orientation was ironically doing the scavenger hunt even though me and my teammates complained about it a lot due to the heat, but learning more about seaport and the harbor, running around from place to place being able to navigate the area was really fun. Especially the rush to get back to the park to be first place was also fun, our group and Darius’s group were very competitive (friendly ofc..). As for my photo, this is when i went to Puerto Rico during April vacation. See you on the bay!

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