Monday, July 31, 2023

Four Years of Fun on Boston Harbor

 Hey y’all, my name is Will and this is my fourth year at save the harbor save the bay. I’ve had an amazing time every summer I’ve worked here at that’s why I keep coming back. I’m a sophomore at Plymouth State University and I play varsity soccer for the school. I’m from Holbrook Massachusetts which is about 30 minutes from Boston so all of the sites are relatively close to me. I’m interested in cars and sports, mainly soccer and hockey. 

I’m excited to be working at save the harbor this summer because of all of the outside time involved. I love being by/ on the water and this job is the easiest way to have that happen. Another great thing about this job is being able to fish and teach kids about fishing and the harbor. My favorite island to go to is George’s island. The history behind it and the dark tunnel are fun and interesting perks to keep the children involved and help them have fun and new experiences. 

A very interesting piece of harbor history is what happened at spectacle island. It went from being a trash dump to a beautiful island. The trash burned for ten years before finally going out and the island grew in size from the dirt that came from the big dig. 

The marine life in the harbor is very expansive. Green crabs are an invasive species that should not be in the harbor. They are harmful to the environment because they eat food that the native species of the harbor should be consuming.

My favorite part of orientation is going to Spectacle island and hanging out with all of the staff members. Spectacle is such a beautiful island and it’s a shame that not everyone has access to it the way we do. I also enjoy David’s talks, especially when he makes jokes to make the education part more fun for people to stay interacted and interested.

Sea y’all on the harbor!!

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