Monday, July 31, 2023

My Second Year

 Hello Reader,

My name is Siddharth Motheram. I’m a rising junior in Boston Latin School, and this is my second year at Save the Harbor. I live in Roslindale, and play volleyball and tennis. One of the main reasons I came back is because of how simple, yet fun this job is. I also get the benefits of seeing and interacting with my friends from last year. In this blog, I'm going to go over some things I learned from the orientation, as well as my favorite part and why.

On our second day of orientation, we visited Spectacle Island, one of the more famous islands in the Boston harbor. There, one of our administrators, David, told us about the history of the island. It used to be a giant trash heap until one day, a trash bulldozer sank into the pile of trash and was never seen again. At that point, the people of Boston sued the government in an effort to improve it. I like this story since it shows how much the general public can influence their surroundings and make genuine change in communities.

We also learned about some of the things you can catch in the harbor, including bass, flounders, skates, and jellyfish. At my site (Piers Park), we usually catch European Green crabs. which are an invasive species that I used to see even last year. Someone has also caught a jellyfish before (which I have never seen). Overall the marine biology of the Boston Harbor is incredibly diverse, and varies drastically depending on location. 

My favorite part of the orientation was when we went to Spectacle Island again. It was really calm and it was also nice to stick my feet into the water. Even though I liked the fishing trip as well, it started raining during our time on the boat which made me like it a lot less. 

Overall the orientation and subsequent week were very fun. I look forward to spending more time with my coworkers at Save the Harbor.

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Me and Simon (the sun got in our eyes)

(our first day at our site)

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