Monday, July 31, 2023

Blog #1

  Hi guys, I’m Arianny. This is my first year working at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. I attend the John D. O’bryant as a Sophomore. I live in South Boston. I enjoy playing soccer and softball. I play both sports for my school teams.

  Given that this is my first year working at this program, I am new to a lot of things. I enjoy working with this program because it allows me to teach young campers how to fish and about the harbor, while learning about marine science at the same time. I’m getting used to baiting the rods, and touching all the types of crabs that we catch. I learn something new everyday.

  I’ve learned about Spectacle Island and how dirty it used to be. There was a fire that lasted 10 years, which resulted in the present island, which it is now safe to walk around and swim in. The fire burned all the waste that was piled on the island from Boston and cities around it.

 While working at Piers Park, I have come to realize that we catch crabs more than any other sea animal. We mainly catch European Green Crabs, which are an invasive species and Spider Crabs. We don't catch much fish because we are more close to land and other sea animals are more far out towards the middle of the harbor. We have caught one baby fish in our crab trap at courageous sailing, which was pretty cool.

  My favorite part of orientation was the trip to Spectacle Island, because it was my first time on a ferry. Also, we got to walk aroundthe beach and look at all the broken glass that is there from the fire, pottery, and seashells. It was nice to see that there was  things from years ago, still on the island. Im excited to have a great summer!

See you soon :)

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