Monday, July 31, 2023

First month ✅

Hey guys! Back again. Well the first month of Save the Harbor is in the books and it's sad. No more Sid, no more Simon, no more Mateo. While at Piers, I held a spider crab and a green crab, which is the species we caught the most. Spider crabs tend to live under the ocean floor and have a muddy shield on their shells and look very dirty. One day, I dropped one of the spider crab into the touch tank with the green crabs and it made it dirty. Another fact about spider crabs is males are typically bigger and armed with larger claws. Males have larger claws, called chelipeds, to fend off predators and fighting off crabs. Green crabs are also a cool species. There are 5 spikes on Green crabs that can spell out the word "green" so it is easy to point them out. However, some green crabs are red... someone please explain that to me, this is something I can argue hours about haha. It's weird, imagine being a certain color but you're called another color, thats weird right? I understand that some green crabs turn red because of material in their enviornment, but it is still a little confusing to me. But, as small of a animal it is.. the crab does its best to hold its ground. It's a small animal but a big predator in the water. Green crabs orginate in European Countries and travel to America by boat making them an invasive species. We caught 2 fish as a group, both at couragoues. One kid named, Ino, grabbed a rod and 20 seconds later he caught a fish. He bragged all day about it haha. The fish we caught was a baby Striped Bass. Striped Bass can grow up to weigh 20-40lbs as an adult. They can live in both salt and fresh water. On the fishing trip, we had a squid, who happened to have a baby fish inside which was pretty cool. I think it was a baby fish that the squid ate back in the ocean.
That was all on my first boat fishing trip ever. It was fun we caught the usual green crab and spider crab and even a lobster in the lobster trap. For next week, I hope CHV is fun. If not, im going to be sad. I made such good friendship bonds with my co-workers, I miss Simon, Sid, and Mateo already haha. Why did they seperate us? ): I heard we get free food at CHV and the food good, but that cant replace the fun I had with my coworkers at Piers Park. Everday was a fun day with them, but the worse was saying goodbye to Piers Parks kids and the coworkers. Also the STH co-worker friends I made. But, I got to be strong, so out with the old in with the new. CHV here I come, well I dont know how to get there yet haha, but you know the point. I had a lot of fun last month and I know it will carry on this month. I made a lot of friends in month 1, lets see what my new SHE and LHE and fellow JPA can make me as happy as the others did. All in all, that's month 1 in the books, CHV here I come! I want to catch a sea horse or something cool! You never know whats in the water! Sea you later!

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