Sunday, July 30, 2023

First Month at STH!!

     Hello! This past month at All Access we've only caught green crabs. But the one day I spent at CHV, we caught some spider crabs, as well as some Jonah crabs. A fun fact about Jonah crabs is that they are used in so many seafood dishes such as crab cakes, rolls, chowder, and more. They can be found anywhere from Nova Scotia to as far as North Carolina. When we caught the spider crab, I was caught a bit off guard because of how different it looked compared to the other crab I was used to seeing since we mainly only get green crabs at All Access. Its legs are a lot thicker, and its shell has a more pointed edge where its eyes are. A fun fact about spider crabs is that these crabs live up to 100 years. They eat decaying fish and can be found in places like Japan, Taiwan, and the United States. 

I didn't get any pictures from when we caught it so here's one I found online!

    For the past month or so I've been working at All Access and it's been so much fun! Seeing so many new faces daily and teaching people what I've learned about our harbor has been fulfilling. There are so many things I enjoyed about my site, like drawing cute things with chalk, playing all kinds of different sports with the kids near the Gazebo on Spectacle, and interacting with people from so many different places. I also really enjoyed the people I've gotten the pleasure of working with at All Access, and I'm happy I was able to bond with them during those boat rides to and from Spectacle/Georges Island. Although I'll miss it, I'm excited about the new things I'll experience at Childrens :)

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