Sunday, July 16, 2023

Year two with Save The Harbor Harbor

 Save the harbor ft. ME year2

Hello! My name is Giacomo and I am happy to be back at Save the harbor for my second year. I am currently working on getting my real estate license along with some other little things! I still live in Charlestown in the same house next to Jennys which has unfortunately closed. I can't say i really have the same interests as last year because i have really gone sailing in a while which i am trying to go do with some friends soon but i still like to edit videos and pictures, started reading more, and still fishing. I am so excited to be back to save the harbor especially considering I got the honor to be back at all access. So excited to be able to spend my summer in the sun teaching the community about our harbor!

Something I found fascinating was how much the big dig helped form spectacle island. The project ran from 1991 to 2006 and basically it involved rerouting the elevated highway into the ground creating a new tunnel system. So to make that underground tunnel they would have to put the sand and soil somewhere and where better than spectacle island. So if it wasn't for that it might have been longer before we would've had our spectacle island or even a full logan airport.

So incredibly happy to be back with Save the harbor for another summer and can't wait to update yall on how my weeks here go! 

See you next week!


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