Monday, July 31, 2023

Year 2: Yahoo

Hey Everyone!!, My name is Madison Murphy and this is my second year with STH and I am so excited to be back! A little about me... I recenlty graduated from Sacred Heart University in CT with a bachelors of science in Marine and Coastal Science with a minor in dance! My junior year of college I was able to study abroad for a whole semester in Dingle, Ireland which was such an amazing experience! In college I was a member of the preprofessional dance company, in Kappa Delta sorority, part of the environmental club, a global ambassador, and also was part of the kickline team. During my time at SHU I volunteered my time to work at a local awuarium helping guests touch and experience our animals. Recently I was hired as a 7th grade science teacher in Everett and if it wasnt for the love I have for working with STH and educating the public on the importance of science and our beaches I wouldnt have been able to acheieve it! I am so excited to be back for year two with STH especially at Camp Harborview! I love working at CHV because the staff over there intertwines with our energy so well and I can see how excited the kids at the camp get to come fishing with us! I am also so excited to have Ari as my LHE as last year being her LHE we got to form such a great bond and friendship and I love seeing her grow as a leader. I am so excited to see what the future holds and to see how this summer goes!! Its been great catching up and I hope to see you on the water soon! Madison Pictures: - graduation pictures!! - field work in ireland!! - surfing in ireland!!

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