Monday, July 31, 2023

Year #3 at STH


Hi again, My name is Henry Burns and this is my 3rd summer working for Save The Harbor Save the Bay. I will be a freshman at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy this year.  I am so excited to work here this summer.  every year I've worked here and I've never had a bad day even if it's raining and you are soaked like last Monday it still was nice.  

some things I've learned about the harbor cleanup after being here for 3 summers are that it's very clean.  I know that the deer island treatment plant makes sewage into water so clean they say you can drink it.  because of all that you can go swimming in the harbor without getting sick, so that's great because it gets hot on spectacle island, and it's nice to go in the water before you leave.  

some things I've learned about the marine life in Boston Harbor; I know that green crabs are invasive and are literally everywhere.  we could catch over 20 crabs and 99% of them will be green crabs.  well, that's enough of green crabs, I wrote way too much about them so I deleted it because all it said was there bad.  I know the most common fish that we catch when we worked at our sites is skates or baby fish that get caught in our crab trap.  

and finally, my favorite part about orientation week was the fishing trip.  fishing trips are always nice you're just out on a boat but when it's just the people you work with everyone can go fishing and have a greater time.  I got to enjoy a somewhat nice day fixing fishing rods and getting them unstuck when someone thinks they caught a big fish, when they actually just got it stuck on the bottom.  

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