Sunday, July 16, 2023

Five fantastic summers!

 Wooohoooo!! Another Save the Harbor Summer! Hi everyone, I’m Grace and this is my fifth summer at save the harbor! I just graduated from Oberlin college. I majored in Geology. Save the Harbor has played a big role in my interest in what I have been studying at school. My research focus is on marine invertebrates. This interest was in part sparked by working at save the harbor and learning about the role they play in our marine ecosystems. In the fall I will be starting my masters program at the University of Georgia where I’ll be studying invertabrete paleontology which is like a combination of marine science and geology.

This is me from 5 years ago ;) (mind blown… I still use those same sunglasses) 

This summer I will be working at the Boston Children’s Museum site. This is my second summer here and I am so excited to be back. I think my favorite part about this site is the variety of people we get to interact with and share the harbor with. Being infront of the museum we interact with a ton of little kids. It’s always fun to share the crabs or fish that we catch with them. My favorite part is teaching them that crabs when you hold them the right way are not as scary as they can often seem. Because we are located on the fort point channel we don’t always catch a ton of fish. Last year we had a couple of skates and one small striper. This year so far we have had some green crabs and a baby flounder that was only a couple of inches long.

Here is the baby flounder 

Every year at Save the Harbor I learn something new. So far this year I have learned some facts about Boston Light. Last week my group had the opportunity to go out on one of the Share the Harbor cruises. While on a cruise out to Boston Light I learned from our harbor historian David that the lighthouse was the first in the country to be built and that it was destroyed by the British back in revolutionary times it was rebuilt in the same location. 

Sea you on the flip side! 


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