Sunday, July 16, 2023

First Blog


A pic of me with blue sea glass on a windy beach

Hi! My name is Kayla and this is my first summer at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I live in Brighton and attending Montrose in Medfield for my Sophomore year in high school. I enjoy taking photos, playing soccer, tennis, and drawing in general. I am excited to join the Save the Harbor team this summer to expand my knowledge about the Boston Harbor and explore participate in an experience related to the general major of Biology for college! Some of my favorite moments so far is the first tour of George’s island, taking pictures, and getting to socialize with others throughout the boat ride! My favorite part of orientation was the ice breakers because it was fun to attempt to memorize everyone’s name correctly. From David Coffin, I have learned that the Boston Harbor used to be extremely filthy and trashed harming the ecosystem, but the problem continued to grow because of lack of action need. Spectacle Island was used as a trash dump to store trash from Boston and Quincy. In the end, it was burned down and sewage treatment plants were made to regulate the safety or cleanliness of our harbor. Some marine life that we have caught so far are green crabs and spider crabs. Green crabs are invasive which means that they are very bad and encouraged to be killed, but not in front of kids for some reason. We have other species of crabs in the Boston Harbor such as blue crabs and rock crabs.

Manny from Toxic Tour in Dudley 

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