Monday, July 31, 2023

First Month done time for the next month

    Hello everyone, I had an amazing  week at Camp Harbor View!!! On Monday I met a whole new group of kids and introduced ourselves to the next group of kids we will be working with. We played a game called where the west wind blows where you stand in a circle and one person stands in the middle and says something that applies to them  and if it applies to you, you find a new spot within the circle and the last person to find a spot in the circle has to be in the middle and do it all over again. On Tuesday we had two groups of kids and had them fish and look at the crabs that we caught in our crab trap. Later on in the day after lunch we met kids in a fishing  club where we got the same group of kids for their session. On Wednesday we did the same thing with two groups of kids and fishing club. On Thursday it was the jpa’s last day at their sites!! We got tons of crabs that day, and almost got a fish in the fishing club but the fish broke the line!!! We checked the crab trap one more time and the kids were so excited to have more crabs. On Friday we had a staff day and went sailing and kayaking with piers park. It was a lot of fun! I went kayaking with Madison and tried to get away from Jah and Juner who were splashing people but they ended up in the water which was funny to watch. This week I learnt about green crabs, this month we have got lots go European green crabs which from their name they are from Europe but they are in the US bc they hide in cargo ships which since there are so many of them they are an invasive species. They are 2.5 or 4 inches. They live on rocky shores, tidal marshes, and sand flats. They eat clams, oysters, mussels, marine worms, and small crustaceans. Last but not least they have very few predators. I also learned about Rock crabs they can be up to 4-6 inches wide. They eat small fish, and hermit crabs, rock crabs are from the west coast of North America. A fun fact about these crabs is that sometimes male crabs carry female crabs. That is all for this blog!

See you next time on the water - Ari:)

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