Sunday, July 16, 2023

My first summer with Save the Harbor


    Hello, my name is Chrisnel and this is my first year working for Save the Harbor! I go to the John D. O'bryant and live in Roxbury. At my school, I'm involved in extracurriculars like the Journalism club as well as the school's softball team. I really enjoy writing which is why I decided to get involved in the school's newspaper. These past few weeks working at Save the Harbor have been really fun and it's given me the chance to may so many new people. I've already learned so much these past few weeks and I'm so excited for the rest of the summer. 

     While working here I've learned so much about the Boston Harbor, specifically the islands surrounding it. When visiting Spectacle Island for the first time during orientation, I learned that it used to be a trash dump for many years. Over time this made the harbor extremely dirty which caused us to sue the federal government to take action to clean it. I found out that the trash that was on Spectacle was burned and buried in order to create the island we see today.  

What I found at Spectacle :)

    My favorite part of orientation was the fishing trip because it was my first time on the boat and it gave me a chance to get to know everyone. It was really cool getting familiar with the fishing equipment and seeing the process of what I would be doing for the majority of the summer. Being on the boat at first made me a little nervous but I grew to enjoy it as the fishing trip went on. While fishing I learned about some of the marine life that lives in the Harbor. Someone had caught a green crab, and we could tell it was a green crab not only because it was green but because it has five spikes along its shell that spell out the color. 

Me with a green crab! It's kind of hard to see the spikes in this picture but it's on the edge of the shell near its eyes. 

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