Monday, July 31, 2023

4th Year Around

 Hi There, 

    My name is Jaylen Gomez and this is my fourth year at Save the Harbor. I started here as a Sophomore in high school and now I am going into my Junior year of College at Suffolk University. I am originally from the Dominican Republic, immigrated to Dorchester, MA  when I was younger, and lived here ever since. At Suffolk University I study Business Economics, it can be hard at times but I enjoy challenges and seek them out frequently. In my free time, I attend club events at school or Econ seminars hosted by students and professors. I also love to spend time with my friends and family whenever I get the chance, keeping a balance is super important to me.         

    I’m super excited to be back at Save The Harbor. I went on a year hiatus for my freshman/sophomore year and missed everyone terribly, so here I am again enjoying new friends and old, gaining new experiences all over again.  

    Let's brush up on some Boston Harbor history, the Clean Water Act of 1972 was passed to help with national beach clean-ups. Since the act passed, Save The Harbor has been the leading organization in the region to continue making sure our harbor beaches are safe to swim in and for marine life to live. 

    Here's a quick fun fact about Green Crabs. You may see them often around all our beaches or if you enjoy fishing, catching some of your own. However, they are not native to this region; they originate from Europe and hitch rides on big cargo ships across the Atlantic. They are super invasive to this region and destructive to the local marine ecosystem. 

    One last thing before I let you go, the first week of summer programming is always fun with meeting new staff members and the first beach bash of the summer, I always have a blast. 

Sea you next week, 

Jaylen Gomez                                                                                                            

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