Monday, July 17, 2023

First Blog

 Hi guys, I'm Adrielys. This is my first year working for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I attended Warren Prescott, but I graduated the 14th of June, so I will be going to Charlestown High as a freshman. I live in Charlestown, MA. I enjoying taking photos, drawing, walking and hanging out with my mom. I hope to take a class on photography when I start at Charlestown High.

Given that I am new to working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I am new to a lot of things at this program. I really enjoy working with the young campers, and making new friends with my co-workers. Also, it's really fun to learn about the type of crabs that we catch. I'm getting used to picking up the crabs without being scared of getting pinced. I've learned a lot on how to bait and help the kids by my Leader Fatima and my co-worker Arianny. I learn something new everyday working with my team.

I learned that Spectacle Island used to be a trash dump for many years. Over the time this has made the harbor extremely dirty. The incinerator in Spectacle Island had stopped working, meaning that the trash would just pile up, leaving toxins and methane gas which started a spark underground that had lasted 10 years. The "trash dump" was closed, and no one was allowed to land in Spectacle Island. Now, after all the trash burned, Spectacle Island is open to the public and one of the most visited Boston Harbor islands.

While working at Piers Park, I noticed that we have mainly caught European Green crabs, which are very prominent to Piers Park, but also a very invasive species. They have been eating other species native to Boston Harbor and harming other marine life in Piers Park. Other than tge green crabs, we have also caught many spider crabs. When we programmed in Charlestown at Courageous Sailing, we caught a baby fish on our crab trap and I thought that it was pretty cool, because at piers park we only catch crabs. I am excited to see what else we are able to catch!

Talk to you soon, Adrielys

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