Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All Access

Today at All Access, Thi, Tim, Emily, and I were getting ready for the school groups. Thi and I went to the grocery store to get apples, oranges, and plums for the boat ride. When we got back to where the boats were, Thi lifted the lobster trap and found a small green crab. When the groups arrived Thi took a group picture holding up the Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay banner. When the crab ws brought over, the kids were so into it. They asked many questions like "where did we find it?" "how was it caugh?" "is it still alive?"Everyone wanted to hold it. They handled the crab with care. No once did I or the other staff have to take the crab away from them, from putting it in danger.

There were big posters drawings of jelly fish, shells, and etc. The kids sat around the bar table to color in the shapes. They worked together, and let someone else join in to color. Two girls were working together and they made a stratergy of coloring the bubble letters with color pencil, and out lining the shape. When they ate their lunches they did not have their trash thrown everywhere. I was surprised because the kids were very young, but so responsible. Some kids would ask the staff where the trash was instead of leaving it on the table. I did not want to leave because I had a great time hanging out with the kids. I wanted to go on the boat with Thi and Tim so bad but couldn't. sad face. Overall it was a great morning and I hope I would have this opportunity once again.


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