Monday, August 9, 2010

The Treasures of Spectacle!

Today was the oh-so wonderful staff day, a day when all staff, including everyone, ranging from the junior youth staff to the interns to Bruce himself, can relax and enjoy the treasures of Spectacle Island (and of course, all the wonderful food Patty and Bruce provided).

I got to Long Wharf early, at about 9:20, and waited with my fellow co-workers for the rest of the group to arrive. You could tell that we were excited for this staff day from all the laughs and brightly lit grins. We left at 10 o'clock sharp, arriving at the island about 15 minutes later. The day had officially begun. As always, we started off the day with a tiring, but fun, game. Since it was Michelle's birthday, she decided to play Capture the Flag. After choosing teams, we gave it our best, and had many secret gatherings and plans to try to decieve the other team. I ended up with many nicks on my calves due to the sharp grass, but also a big smile on my face.

We then went to Bruce and Patty's boat for a refreshing lunch and bonded even more, talking about various things in our lives. Before we could jump in the water, Bruce had one last assignment for us: to look at the Treasures of Spectacle Island. I walked by the wrack line and found not one, but TWO peices of red beach glass!

I can't to find more treasures on this island for the next two weeks!


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