Friday, August 6, 2010

Much Needed Lobster

All I want to do is catch a lobster for my new friend Tyree. Tyree is a 10 year old camper at Camp Harbor View who is part of the fishing club. He has been at camp everyday for the 4 weeks I have worked there. The 60 minutes of fishing club are not nearly enough for him. He is always the first one there, making sure we have sufficient bait, not just hot dogs, and ceaselessly pleads to stay extra time. Every once in a while, he will finagle his way into returning later in the afternoon. He will stand out on the pier with his rod hanging out over the railing without a word except to inform me that the fish who has been evading him all day has taken his bait once again.

In my daily interactions with Tyree, I have gotten to know him. I can remember first teaching him how to fish and at that point, it was love at first sight. The dockside crab races and touch tanks did not appeal to Tyree. He quickly entered into a combative relationship with a fish whom he self proclaimed to be 'huge and smart.' "Smart enough to take the bait without being hooked." He would always tell me that this fish was winning the battles but Tyree would win the war. This war would carry on for several days until we finally brought some sea worms and Tyree reeled in his first ever fish.

Although slightly smaller than he had anticipated, he was sure that this was the one who had evaded him. As I have gotten to know him better, Tyree has told me about his home life. He has an older brother who has started his own life working for the mbta in boston. His dad is not around. Tyree lives at home with his mother, who is bed ridden with lung cancer. He will spend his evenings and time at home in bed with her watching tv but she will often succumb to exhaustion and fall asleep. He has articulated to me that all he wants is a big hug from his mom. If you knew Tyree, you would know how genuine he was in saying this. So we devised a plan: He knew that his mom absolutely loves lobster so I told him, that if we pulled up a big enough one in the trap, I would make sure he would get to take it home to her. Now, everyday, Tyree runs up to the pier not first looking to get fishing but to go check the trap with me. To our dismay, only crabs have managed to imprison themselves. However, I believe that in time, a lobster will surely be willing to dedicate its life to this cause. If not, then I think a nice fat lobster roll may be in the cards to bring Tyree for lunch one of these days.

-Dan Kenary


Jennifer Last said...

Sounds like a great relationship. Nice work out there Dan.

Jennifer Last said...
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