Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"EEEWWWW-what's that piece of goo stuck to the lobster trap?!"

For a moment, I was just as mystified as the campers: the dark, slimy lump attached to the lobster trap looked very little anamone diagrams I've studied. We all examined the mysterious blob, and then I had it! The kids didn't believe me when I told them I thought the that the blob was in fact, a real-live SEA ANEMONE! Contracted becasue it was out of water, and being passed around by squeeling 12-year-olds. We put it in a seperate bucket while we went to pull up the rest of our traps and when we returned, our mysterious blob had unfurrled to reveal itself and confirm my hypothesis! We smiled in disbelief to watch the elegant tentacles waving gracefully in the water. Talk about tranformations...

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