Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catch of the Day

As you all may have heard by now, Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay experienced its most bountiful session of fishing ever on Monday. The kids coming in and out of the Children's Museum managed to pull up a whopping 18 fish, all of which were cunner. However, I would like to speak of our time at the Children's Museum on Wednesday instead. We only caught five little cunner yesterday, but I am sure you have heard the phrase "quality, not quantity." One of the young anglers even caught a green crab with his fishing rod, something you don't see every day. We used sea worms to catch all of our sea creatures and even left one of the worms in the touch tank for all to see. This slimy, squirmy little critter sparked just as much interest in the kids as the crab and the fish. Oh, and most importantly I caught my very first fish of the summer, all on my own. Within minutes of the start of the day, I dropped my line down into the Fort Point Channel and immediately reeled in a medium-sized cunner. It is safe to say I am more pleased with Wednesday at Children's than I am with Monday.


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