Thursday, August 12, 2010

RED beach glass

Today was another eventful day with All Access.

The staircase on the boat was crowded by small campers eager to explore the island when Bruce called me. I got off the boat running, trying to catch up to Bruce and Patty as they were already walking down the path towards the beach. I slowed to a jog when I neared the group who was listening to Bruce talk about the treasures, breathing hard. Soon after I arrived, we all went down on top of rocks onto the beach with the plentiful beach glass.

We started the fun when we all lined up horizontally (and not holding hands - what a downer...) and had a race as to see who could collect the most interesting sea glass. I was apprehensive when we started walking along the beach. I quickly spotted green and white and brown beach glass, seeing how they were the most common. But I kept walking in a straight line, according to the rules. I picked up a cerulean colored one, a blue one, three green ones, and...... THREE PIECES OF RED BEACH GLASS! Although small, they are considered as the second rarest of all sea glass.

Read beach glass is usually found in car brake lights, the lights on the starboard sides of boats - warning lights, lanterns, and stained glass.

I can't wait to see what I find next week!

Lovingly yours,

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