Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Goal, Five Assists!!

In my 4 previous weeks of fishing, I had failed to catch a single fish on my own, and only had one assist, back in my first week at Camp Harbor View. This however is no longer the case after we had our most successful day of fishing so far this summer. We started with one being caught by Conor. That first catch started drawing in the kids. When I decided to try my luck, I also caught one, just a few seconds after I placed my bait in the water. By that time, we were surrounded by eager kids looking to try their luck. Satisfied with my one catch, I turned my attention to helping the kids. By the time we reached the end of our most successful day, we had caught an amazing 18 cunners, and I had five assists and one goal (caught one on my own). It was a very exciting day of fishing.


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Jennifer Last said...

I am so proud! Excellent job on site. You did a great job assisting all the participants with their catch.