Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Treasures of Spectacle Island Part Two!

Yesterday was a very special day for the entire staff, we all got to go out together for staff day! The day started early at 9:30 at the Long Wharf where we all met to get on the ferry. After a very quick ferry ride, which I have to do again with my friends from school, we arrived at Spectacle Island. It was hot, and the beach looked inviting but we decided to warm up with a game of Capture the Flag.

On my team was Michelle, Tim, Conor, Thi, Marc, Aruna, and LaToya Needless to say, we won in about two minutes. Either Tim/Marc's football skills or the lucky of Michelle's birthday pulled off the great win. The next game after we divided the teams again was a massacre. As Marc, LaToya, Tim and I sat in jail we watched as Tom found the flag hidden in a pole and ran across the line. Then, of course, Conor Newman jumps out from a thorn bush patch right behind us to free us from jail... a little late Conor.

Afterwards we all go to enjoy a huge lunch on Bruce and Patty's boat. After eating two hot dogs, a piece of delicious steak, lots of grapes and strawberries, watermelon, chips, and two cookies needless to say I was stuffed as was everyone else. It was the best I've ate in a while :), thank you!
On to the next treasure of spectacle island we visited my favorite part of the beach, the sea glass. We all tried to find the best sea glass with Matt finding the prettiest colors - not afraid to boast about it!

Then after looking at all the best finds we all ran into the water. Only to realize seconds later that it was beyond freezing. But after swimming to the outer most part of the area with Carolyn, we felt better.

Even after getting off the boat back in Boston some of us went to enjoy some gelato from the North End and walked around Downtown Crossing!

Overall, it was a great staff day and I'm going to miss working with all of you - even though we didn't that much - when the summer ends!


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