Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasure Island

Hey boys and girls, I'm writing to you about our exploration of Spectacle Island on Staff Day. Our bosses Bruce and Patty brought us out to this Boston Harbor Island to have fun in the sun. After an intense game of capture the flag and a foot race with Cassie, where I destroyed a lot, we all headed down to the beach. I had previous experiences beach combing but this island amazed me. There was just so much history scattered around the shore that we all became fascinated with finding the most unique object strewn on the beach. Bruce issued a challenge that were supposed to fan out and search the beach, yet, we could only carry two pieces at a time. Amongst everyone, we were able to find a wide range of interesting stuff. Due to Spectacle Island's past, it was a dump for Boston's trash for many years and it was the site of a horse rendering factory before that. It was because of this history that we found tons of sea glass, pieces of porcelain, old horse bones, parts of old sinks, perriwinkle shells with wholes punched in by moon snails, a marble, and a tiny plastic shovel. It was crazy that there is such a wide variety of interesting treasures that one can find on the beach, one just simply has to look for it.

Conor Newman

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