Friday, August 27, 2010

Experimental Success!

Continuing with my recent science theme, I’m going to liken my summer to a scientific experiment. It all began with an observation that I made while considering places to move to after graduation: Boston is a vibrant and diverse city, full of passionate people, with unparalleled access to nature and outdoor recreation. My hypothesis? That Boston must contain excellent opportunities to foster connections between citizens and their environment. Results: success greater than I could have ever imagined! This summer, my great post-graduation experiment with “real life,” has been an incredible experience—and I couldn’t possibly thank everyone who made this possible enough.

During our first week of training, I set some lofty goals for myself. I wanted to, for instance, learn how to catch a fish—something I had never done before. Moreover, I wanted to teach someone else how to catch their first fish, and witness the surprise and excitement on his or her face as they pulled their prized catch up from the deep. I had no idea, at the beginning of the summer, that helping Boston youths catch their first fish would almost become routine by mid-summer (which isn’t to say that it became any less enjoyable to see). After weeks of driving in tangled circles, I’ve learned how to navigate the communities that surround Boston Harbor, an achievement in and of itself for a non-native Bostonian. More important, however, are the conversations I’ve had with the kids, and adults, who make this city’s neighborhoods the lively centers that I’ve come to know and love.

Boston grew up around its harbor, from its early days as a remote colony to its ascendance as a commercial and creative capital. I’m glad to see this city turning its gaze back towards the waters that sustain it, and I’m confident that programs like Boston Harbor Explorers will continue to strengthen the relationship Bostonians share with this natural wonder.

Best Wishes,

Aaron Becker

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