Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cirque Du Soleil

Yesterday was one of the most funtastic days of my summer so far. It was just awesome!
Ok, so it did not start so brightly as I made a trip to Courageous Dorchester only to find out that the site had been cancelled for the week, and then made another trip back to the office, and eventually to the Boston Children's Museum. That is where the day started being fun; at the museum, I worked with new faces (well faces that I see whenever I am at the office but never have the time to converse with) as well as meeting some great young anglers. We also had luck with fishing, though not at the scale of our exploits on Monday. Still, it was a blast. My team and I then made our way to Castle Island where we also had a blast fishing and exploring. I made my way back home afterwards to prepare for the evening.

I had been looking forward to Cirque Du Soleil eversince our awesome boss, Bruce, announced that he had scored us some tickets. When we finally got there, we had to wait (thanks Tom, BJ & Conor lol). But yeah, we finally got in and prepapred to be amazed. That is exactly what happened, the entire audience was in awe at the talented performers. They were simply amazing. I loved every part of it, but perphaps my favorite performance was the one of the girls (ants) spinning produce on their feet while balancing on each other's feet. It was great stuff!
Oh, and the firefly (guy with the yo yo) was also very cool.


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