Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Reading Night!

This event only lasted an hour and a half, but it was packed with some of my favorite moments and images from the summer: families started to line up a half hour before the doors opened, as they came the (wonderful:) reading nights volunteers handed out free books and T-shirts. Kids quickly pulled on their shirts (our "better beaches" shirts were very popular!), and took off to make the rounds at all the tables set up in the pavilion--book-mark making station, free pop-corn, chalk-murals, beach-games, and our own touch tank table! Kids flocked to the touch tank, eager learn how to hold to crabs, and sketch sea critters in the tank. Our staff were fantastic, getting so into the event that we actually joined in some of the games ourselves! We closed the night with a story--what a beautiful night...

Father & Daughter show off their Better Beaches Tshirts

Dancin' on the Beech!

First Time Holding a Crab!

Artist at work...

Save the Harbor staff Alex and Tee join in the fun:)


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Jennifer Last said...

Excellent job Emily! These pictures are remarkable and really show the event at its best. Thank you for all your hard work. You are a rock star.