Thursday, August 26, 2010

not goodbye...just see you later

im sad to say that this summer has come to a stop, i wouldnt say an end because theres still next summer, but as of right now the summer is over. this was my first year working with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay, and this was the best summer honestly. this summer i did a lot of things that i could never even imagine doing. not only was this a summer of first but it was also a summer where i set goals and actually achieved them in a timely manner. when i first started this job me co workers and i all set goals. my three goals were to have fun, develope relationships with my co workers, learne new ways to interact with children, and to learn something new each day. all my goals i was able to achieve.

everyday day at work was full of fun, and everyday i learned something new even if it was just a little fact about the marine life or if it was the story of one of the kids life that i taught, either way everyday for me was very eventful, and knowlegable. everyday at this job was a new adventure.this summer was a summer that i will always remember even when im old and gray. this summer has set a high bar for the next summers to come.
catch you on the docks
~shaunae smith

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