Tuesday, August 24, 2010

See You Next Summer

Unfortunately, now that summer is coming to a close so is Save the Harbor's youth program. After working the program last summer, I did not think that it could be improved but I had too good a summer this year to compare to any other. The addition of the beaches events was great; I played (and won) my first ever game of volleyball in Quincy at Wollaston Beach. I also caught my first fish (a cunner) of my Save the Harbor career this summer at the Children's Museum. I will never forget the day we caught 18 fish there, one of which we miraculously pulled up with the crab trap. The best piece of the summer pie was all the people though. Boston seems to be filled with the most enthusiastic and interesting kids. I barely had to do any work; they did the job for me. It was not only the kids who enhanced my summer work; I was lucky enough to be with some fantastic co-workers. By the end of the summer I was able to work with everyone, including some of our office staff and I can vouch for all of them, no matter what I happen to be attesting to. Just like the kids, they just made my job easier. I really appreciate everything you all did for and with me this summer.


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