Monday, July 13, 2009

And Now it’s Time to Say Goodbye

Today was the last day the Tall Ships were in town, but before they were gone for good, we were able to take one last cruise around the harbor to see the last of the ships with groups from Revere, Charlestown, Roxbury, and Quincy. Not only did the kids get to see some of the ships under full sail, but they also got to see the prep involved in the departure including the tug-boats at work! I think some of the kids ended up liking the tug-boats more than the tall ships in the end. Along with David Coffin’s sea-shanty singing ritual ("Haul Away Joe)," we were also entertained by one of our Junior staff members, BJ, rapping his very own sea-shanty on the boat. Might I add that they are both very talented musicians.

I feel privileged to have taken part in the tall ships experience, both enjoying the ships and excitement myself as well as sharing the experience with various groups from around Boston. I am sad to see the ships depart, nevertheless it was special while it lasted. It’s comforting to remember that summer has just begun and more adventures await us!

Alice Binns

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