Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fishing 101 Graduation

Hey this is Alex, one of the Junior Program Assistants at SH/SB. Today, Rob, Conor, BJ, Tommy, and I officially graduated from Fishing 101. It took us some time, but Conor was able to reel in a moderately sized Choggie (at first we thought it was a Pogie). After examining the fish and making a few discoveries about it (it had plastic-like fins with sharp points on the end) we threw the fish back in the harbor. We were ready to continue with our success and catch many more fish, but the elements did not permit. I am excited to go out again and catch a few on my own. Now that we are graduates of Fishing 101 with Bruce, we are ready to share our knowledge with all the kids at Fishing 101 at the Children's Museum this summer.

Over and out,
Alex Klein

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