Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We Caught A Fish

Well folks, we actually successfully caught a fish during our dry run of the Fishing 101 program. We had fished for several hours and were just on our last leg, when Bruce pointed out this spot near an old wood pylon. Through the torrential down pour, I dropped my line with a soft shelled clam fastened to the end of the hook. After bouncing the the bait off the bottom a couple of times, we got a bite, which quickly led to a Choggie being reeled in. A Choggie is a small fish that usually travels in schools and has small but sharp teeth. Luckily for us, we were able to share this catch with a mother and her son who watched the whole event unfold. Letting the fish return to the saftey of the briny deep, we wrapped up with high spirits. I can say now with confidence that we are sure to be catching even more Choggies and a host of other fish when the Fishing 101 program kicks off.

Stay classy Beantown and Quincy,

Conor B. Newman

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