Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camp Harbor View

This is a picture of me holding the red rock crab.

Yesterday I went to Camp Harbor View for the first time. I met a lot of kids there and went fishing. Although we didn't catch anything, we still had a lot of fun. Senait and I spent a long time trying to unravel a tangled fishing pole. While Senait, a couple of kids from Camp Harbor View, and I went down to the shore to look for crabs, I found a red rock crab that was HUGE! We brought it up for the kids to look at with a bunch of Asian Shore crabs. Some kids were scared and finally worked up their courage and held baby crabs. They also tried to scare their counselors with the red rock crab. It was really fun and I want to go back again!

Senait and I held crabs and let the kids hold all the baby crabs. They were scared at first and only held the smaller Asian Shore crabs.

-Thi Tran - Artist in Residence

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