Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors at Spectacle?

Today was a great day out on the harbor. We began at the Bank of America Pavilion with all groups present. Always a good start. One of the things I like to challenge our participants with is to do something today they have never done before. Don't make it my responsibility, I'm happy to help, but do something for the first time. It's a good daily challenge too. Several people had never been on a boat. That's my favorite "first time". Others had never been to Spectacle Island. Today, on the boat ride back to S. Boston, as people tried to tell me their "first time", many said they had never played Rock, Paper, Scissors, the way I played. And if you want to know how I play you have to come with us to Spectacle or George's Island. Today involved at least 25 people but there is no limit. So bring it on! See you on the harbor.

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