Friday, July 17, 2009

A New Adventure!

Yesterday we took about 100 kids out to George’s Island on an All Access trip. Usually we are met by groups at the Bank of America Pavilion, but yesterday we tried something different. After gathering a group at our home base, we traveled over to Piers Park in East Boston to pick up kids. As we pulled up, we were greeted by all of the kids waving to us from the dock. This worked out well with no complaints. I think we should do it again!! After boarding all of the kids, we took off to George’s Island. The kids were eager to get off the boat and explore Fort Warren! They found all of the hiding spots the fort had to offer except one (not to be mentioned) where the ghost of the fort looms, moans, and frightens anyone she chooses. This spot tended to be a favorite! After, the kids either explored the fort some more, familiarized themselves with the surrounding islands, explored the beach, and enjoyed group activities. On the way home, we dropped off the Piers Park crew and headed home! It was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves!! NOT another day at the office!

- Alice