Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Day

Coming to you straight from the office of Save the Harbor Save the Bay to fill you in on what went down at Southey yesterday. Even though it was a not so beautiful day yesterday with the rain and all some of the kids still wanted to have some fun and go fishing and to take out the crab traps. So we went to the dock and went fishing and used the crab traps.The fun lasted for about an hour then the kids started getting cold and wet so we went back to the sailing center.
So when we went back to the sailing center the kids just didn't want to sit there and do nothing so to keep them from getting bored we played some fun games with them. Even though it rained and the day did not turn out as beautiful as we wanted it to we still had fun with the kids going fishing and playing games. At the end of the day the kids still ended up having fun instead of doing nothing.


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