Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Escaping the Humid City

Today was another day at George's Island, but each visit brings new and exciting events. We got to spend today with two big groups: Piers Park from East Boston and Red Oak After School Program from Chinatown. After boarding Red Oak, we voyaged over to East Boston to pick up our Piers Park group. Then we were on our way, leaving the sweltering, humid city behind. The breeze swept the water and created the perfect summer temperature on the boat. We got to the island and groups parted ways. After lunch, you could see some kids running through the dark tunnels of the fort, some playing field games, and others climbing rocks along the shore. On the back side of the island, we found old lobster traps crushed between the rocks most likely from hurricanes, old washed up buoys, and other obscure objects. Time flew by, and not before long, it was time to board the boat back to reality. The harbor islands feel like a whole different planet when you are there, but they are only a short boat ride away from the city. I wish everyone has the chance to experience and enjoy the Harbor Islands!!


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