Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Daily Catch

This summer has gotten off to a great start at Courageous. We have two lobster traps set off the dock, which we pull up everyday at lunch. They have NEVER been empty. This week we found a giant carp, and used it as bait in one of the traps. The next day when they were pulled up we discovered such a variety of creatures- the most popular were the two lobsters (Homarus americanus), a sea star (Asterias vulgaris), and approximately 20 crabs (of three different species). I noticed a lobster boat putting traps right next to ours- It will be interesting to see if those other traps will change our daily catch this week.

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Bruce Berman said...

The carp probably was washed out of the Charles River by the tropical deluge - and couldn't survive in the salt water of the Harbor.

Try to catch a live fish, next time Laura!