Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Site To See

Hey guys, Ross here.
So I have recently swapped sites with Jay (another Save the Harbor Save the Bay Senior Marine Educator) and I want to fill you in on the transition. Apart from being directionally challenged and never being able to find my way anywhere, I've actually been doing alright so far... knock on wood. At Quincy we've been catching minnows, crabs, hermit crabs and shrimp as well as venturing out to the marshy areas to get mussels for crab bait. We just started our activities at Camp Harbor View today, which was slightly hectic and yet fun because the kids were so happy to be fishing. It was many of the campers first times fishing so the interest was high and learning amplifier was cranked to 11. Just thought I'd post a couple pictures to let you see how we're doing.

We'll be in touch,

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