Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Day at Southie

Coming to you from the office of Save the Harbor Save the Bay to fill you and everyone else in on what we did yesterday at the Southie Sailing center. Even though it was not all that beautiful outside and it was raining there were still kids at the sailing center that actually wanted to go fishing and to use the crab traps. So with those kids who wanted to go we went to use the crab traps and to fish on the dock. Even though it was raining the kids still had fun at the dock.
After a while the kids started to get cold and wet because of the horrible weather so they wanted to go back to the sailing center. When we went back to the sailing center to keep all the kids from getting bored we played lots of fun games with them. So even though the day did not turn out how we had hoped it would and it was raining and cold the kids still ended up having lots of fun fishing and playing games. I am looking forward to many more fun filled days at Southie and I'll fill you in soon.


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