Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still Out And About When There's Definitely Not A Drought

Ross Hill checking in from the Save the Harbor Save the Bay office after a slightly damp day to put it mildly. Today at Piers Park we pulled up a lobster trap, for the second time this week, that had been left down for about a year. Yesterday we found tons of mussels and a few crabs, but today when the kids pulled it up we were fortunate enough to find that a young lobster had wandered in.

We got the opportunity to take it out, hold it and talk about it under the light rain that would soon be ensued by torrential downpour. The fun didn’t stop there… We went under the tent and played some marine Pictionary until an actual sailor of one of the tall ships came to explain what he does, the program and our schedules as well as play Human Knot with the kids. I’d say we had a successful first rainy day today (and there will be more to come with the way this weather seems to be going).

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