Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Live

This is the Piers Park crew coming to you with our first ever live blog. We had some water wars today out on the inflatables and row boat and BJ has to ride the train home, saturated with salty H2O. Jacqueline says, "We learned about crabs, what kind they are and how to tell if they're a boy or girl." We also learned that sea grapes are related to fish, deer and surprisingly elephants... you can also use them as water squirters. Victoria (AKA Tuna) will not let this blog be over unless we write her name, she also wants to say that we had fun checking the pH of different liquids around the Piers Park site. Pictures will be coming soon! Keep checking in for more updates from the live bloggers.

Signing from Piers Park

Ross and the group

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