Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Training Day

Hello, my name is Conor Newman. I am a sophomore at Stonehill College and will be serving as a Senior Program Assistant for Save The Harbor/Save The Bay Youth Programs. The team and I have been working all week to get prepared for the opening of our Youth Programs next Monday. Needless to say, we have covered a great deal of material and activities. This included such things as practicing Sharks and Minnows, brushing up on the history of the Harbor clean up program with Bruce, dealing with the loss of already losing a fishing lure, hitting up the beaches, reviewing our knowledge of Asian Shore crabs, doing a whole lot of inventory, getting to know that some of our coworkers hate pennies or celebrate Canada Day, and drafting staff basketball teams. My prediction is that Rob, Alex, and I will come to be a dominant force on the court. Just today, we went to the fantastic Piers Park Sailing Center and got to see the dock where kids will soon be fishing off of. All in all, we have covered a lot of information and honed our teaching/leading skills. I can personally say that I am really excited for the adventures and excursions that we will be having to help people better understand the nearby ocean.

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