Monday, August 5, 2019

A Day In The Life

A Skate Caught at Spectacle 
Hey there,

An average week working with the all access crew is a riveting and adventurous time for staff and kids alike. Most days of the week we can be found on the harbor islands with different camp groups where we will set up a fishing and sports stations. We are mostly found on spectacle and George's island, and as soon as we step off the ferry we are greeted by the cool sea breeze at the end of a large concrete pier.

My favorite activity is the fishing station where we bait up seven or so fishing rods with pieces of squid and gather groups of children to drop the bait down and hopefully catch either a striped bass or a skate. I really enjoy getting to teach kids how to fish and because of the wide age group that shows up to our station I always get to meet new types of people with different backgrounds and interests. I always try and teach everyone I encounter about the importance and impact people have on the marine ecosystem. My top priority is stressing the importance of throwing back all fish that I catch as well as explaining how each fish impacts the greater picture of that particular ecosystem. The most common creature I encounter on a daily basis is the spider crab, and the ones at Spectacle grow to some very impressive sizes. They are very slow moving and lazy creatures so large algae growths cover their backs giving them a mossy appearance. Overall, I love the all access crew and wouldn't trade the experiences I've made this summer for anything in the world.
Striped Bass Caught at Spectacle 

Stay cool out there!
Will Miller.

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