Sunday, August 18, 2019

Water we gonna do

  Hey everyone, Aidan is back with blog number 7. This week was my last week at Black's Creek, which is kind of sad. I had a good time playing games and exploring the shoreline, but part of the experience is to move on and try new things at Save the Harbor. Overall, the week was pretty easy. On that last day at Black's Creek, we had the campers bring their parents along to do activities like fishing, kayaking, fish printing, and using the touch tank. On Friday, I worked at the Children's Museum with my sister. The day didn't have much to give, but we did catch two crabs and a cunner fish.

A boat accident at the dock.

 Water is the essential essence of life here on Earth, as no creature can live without it. In order to preserve our water, we need to keep it top-notch. To keep water clean, many dams and reserves are made to keep water in an isolated, clean environment. Factories filter out anything unsafe that sits in the water to ensure there is no chance of someone getting sick. Rivers are a natural water cleaner because the constantly moving water carries minerals like dirt and ocean salt to the ground underneath. Lakes also contain healthy water to a degree, because they are so big that the subtly shifting water is enough to keep the environment well circulated. Small bodies of water, like ponds or puddles, have dirtier water because it remains still and has unhealthy materials surfing around them, like animal waste or diseases. That said, keeping the harbor totally clean is hard, because there are plenty of people in Boston who don't care in the slightest about keeping water clean. This is evident when I head to the office, just before the World Trade Center, I find coffee cups, chip bags, and plastic bottles against the bridge wall. My grandmother remembers when you could walk on the Harbor because so much trash piled up, and when Spectacle Island was a burning heap of garbage. When water leaves a house, it is sent to a septic tank, where it is sent to a sewage plant for water treatment, or it is slowly flushed into the ground keeping the soil hydrated and healthy. If not for that, we'd probably be stuck in a world where people constantly die from dirty water and unsanitary conditions. The harbor, and eventually the ocean too would become a barren world of disgusting water.

 That's all I have to say for this blog, so as always, till next time,
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