Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Week 8: Piers Park 5ever

Hello everyone,

       Week 8 already? Sad to say this is my last blog post since move-in day is coming REALL soon. I can't stress enough how much I’m going to miss this job! Honestly. This past week had to be the most simple week ever. Sadly, I missed Staff Day on Monday at Lovells Island, then on Tuesday the Piers Park Gang went to Courageous for no reason because the week before was the last week of programming. Haha, oops! On Wednesday at Piers, we did our usual fishing and taught a lesson on how sea animals adapt in the ocean! Thursday was same as usual and Friday was the Beach Bash,  which was so fun. It was my first Beach Bash and to see everyone having an amazing time made me sad that I missed out on so many.

        To be completely honest this summer job had to be one of my favorite summer jobs ever! The past couple summers I always worked in an office and was kept inside an AC building with no access to sunlight, but not this summer! I was out on a dock at Piers Park helping kids learn to fish. I learned so many facts about the Harbor, the Harbor islands, crabs, adaptations, and so much more. This summer my skin complexion changed by A LOT thanks to this job and being outside every day! Sadly, I am going to become pale all over again in the winter--haha! I am certainly going to miss all the funny kids that I have encountered at Piers. The kids there had to be one of the best parts! They were so loving and adorable, even though some had some trouble following the simplest directions because at that age (6-9) kids have the attention span of an ant!
        In all, I am so grateful I got the chance to experience such a fun summer and really hope to come back next year! This job was everything I expected it to be and THEN SOME! Working with the few people I did have a chance to work with was awesome! They’re all such smart and fun individuals that I hope I stay in touch with for a long time! The memories that came from this job are memories that are going to last forever.

        Hope to see many of you again next year,
          Fatima Fontes :)

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