Monday, August 5, 2019

What A Site To See

Helping my little-big homie untangle a line
The site I’m working at is Camp Harbor View located on Long Island on the Boston Harbor. My site is definitely the definition of the word fun. There is fishing with the amazing Save the Harbor people, swimming, dancing, basketball, soccer, art, board games, sailing, kayaking, row boats, talent shows, and amazing lunch with good music provided. A week at Camp Harbor View (CHV) includes riding the Province Town II to the camp as the first task every morning. We usually fish with two groups of kids every morning, depending on the rotation of kids or if it’s a club day. On club days, Save the Harbor runs the fishing club. Waiting for lunch is probably what gives the motivation in the morning since CHV has not failed me once with their meals. After lunch tasks may vary; we can go tide pooling  where we find invasive species, such as the Asian Shore Crab. Or if we have no group to manage, my coworkers and I interact with one another until the 2 O’clock ferry returns us to seaport. My favorite activity to lead would have to be tide pooling because I love picking up the big rocks and seeing so many crabs disperse. I always help the kids find the tiny little crabs and it makes me feel accomplished in a way. The kids we mainly work with are just looking for fun and joy in anything they can find it in. They are usually between the age of 9-14. Some unique things about my site include a farm in the back of the island and huge rocks near the shoreline of the water that are climbable and give you a good view of the water. The most common creatures we encounter are definitely crabs. Everyday no matter what we have over five crabs, one out of those five will always be a spider crab, and another one will always be a green crab. I help spread environmental knowledge by speaking about things people are very aware about or that’s apart of there daily life. For example everyday more then a million people litter at least 1 piece of trash, which is polluting the environment, and killing our animals, especially those in oceans. Soon trash/pollution will take over and the air quality will be impossible to breathe in. Pollution could kill off a whole population of life in the ocean. If that doesn’t make someone aware, then I don’t know what will.
Helping Hanna on touch tank duty!
Before my beautiful switch to CHV, I worked at Piers Park Sailing Center in East Boston. Piers is nothing compared to CHV, we never caught spider crabs, some days we caught no crabs in the crab trap, and sometimes the schedule was all over the place. At CHV there isn’t a day that we don't catch more than one creature. The schedule is on paper and is followed accordingly, and the energy makes me apply myself more. I’m especially motivated by my co-workers. We all work hard, have a good time, and have good laughs with each other.
'Catch' you later!

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