Thursday, August 1, 2019

So Many Kids!

I remember as a kid going to camp was such an amazing experience. I got to go out and meet new people and make new friends, and most importantly--have fun. Now I have the opportunity to make sure the kids in my community also get to go through this experience. Being part of Save the Harbor Save the Bay, I got stationed at Piers. At Piers we fish, play some games with the kids and teach lessons. Although all we really catch are European green crabs, the best part of each and every day is when I get to show the kids how to fish or run away from them during a game of "everybody’s it." The kids are truly what make this job worth it because being able to make the truly enjoy their time at Piers is truly rewarding. Each week we get a group of new kids, and with each new group we meet kids with such different but wonderful personalities. Kids like Cooper, who are just so hard to say no, but who also won't take no for an answer.

Then on Tuesday we head to Courageous Sailing where we get a group of kids a lot older than those at Piers. But although the age difference is big, the amount of fun we have is no different. Throughout the day the group is split in two. In the morning, the kids are separated into two groups: the first half of the group goes sailing and the other group stays with us for activities and fishing. Fishing in the morning is calm and the kids drop their hooks into the water and wait in hopes of catching something. Even though the most we catch are crabs, which usually come from the crab trap, some kids who do catch a crab here and there are so enthusiastic about it. It’s so amazing watching their faces light up as they yell that they’ve caught a crab, then as soon as it is put into the touch tank, all the kids fishing and at times some who are in activities, come over and want to touch the crab. Then, in activities we try to play games with them like moosey moosey, knee tag, and even four square. They are always very engaged and truly enjoy themselves.

This week was not very different from past weeks but nevertheless we found a way to make sure the kids had fun, and that we had fun right along with them. We always try to do things a certain way but are very open to adjusting to how the kids want to do something, especially if they would have more fun doing it their way. Whether it's Piers Park or Courageous Sailing, the kids have fun every step of the way and even learn more about the harbor as well.

See you next week,

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