Friday, August 2, 2019

Piers Park

holding the dead fish we found
 Hey man welcome back to another blog. It is your favorite JPA Damani and I've got something different for you this week. Let’s start off with Monday! Monday was so hot but it was staff enrichment day so we learned how crew members live and what life was like on the U.S.S Constitution. Let me tell you, it was very hard and rough. After the U.S.S Constitution, we went to the U.S Coast Guard of Boston and learned what they do everyday. We were able to go on their boats. Then we were able to go inside the building where all the magic happens. After we had lunch at a nearby park.

Tuesday I was at Courageous with Che, Colin, Albert, Jasmine, Fatima, and Kaya. We fished on the dock with the kids and played games like four square. The kids were very competitive like me and Che were when we played Gaga Ball but it was funny watching them play. They called so many redos! The kids at Courageous are great, though, and very funny. Me and Albert were talking to two kids and they were trying to get us to give them a piece of gum; it was funny, so after we gave them the gum we started to annoy them--but in a fun way! Then the kids started throwing water at us when we were leaving but it was funny and good to see the kids have so much fun.

saving the Harbor one plastic bag at a time!
Wednesday we were at Piers Park in East Boston. It was a very weird Wednesday. There were a lot of dead fish floating towards the dock because of how hot it was that day. Some of the kids wanted to see it up close, but some of the kids didn’t, so we took the kids that wanted to see it to a different side of the dock. I took it out the water and showed them what it looked like up close. After that we threw it back in the water. This site is different from Blacks Creek because Piers Park is on the ocean and Blacks Creek is on a marsh. We have the same age group of kids at both sites but I’m better with younger kids. And the people that we are working with are very nice and chill. We have such a great bond with both Blacks Creek and Piers Park. At Piers Park we catch bigger fish than at Blacks Creek, but the things we catch are the same--like crabs and fish. Only at Piers Park we catch bigger fish. 

This is Damani signing out!

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