Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Lobsters, Beaches, and Fun!

Hello everyone!

Atticus, a Piers Park frequent visitor, at the Fort Point Festival with us!
This past week was an eventful one with me traveling all around Boston for various activities and programming. Monday was a special day because we had our Staff Day at Lovells Island. I had never been to Lovells before, so it was really awesome to get to explore! Something that was super cool to see is a dead whale that remains on the north end of the island. It’s decaying body has been there for several months if not over a year, so its smell was quite fragrant. And not in a good kind of way! We played kickball, walked around and explored, ate lunch, and swam on the beach. There was a cool tunnel that led to the beach, which was very picturesque as well. What a day!

Wednesday and Thursday we did our normal programming at Piers Park. On Thursday we did a fun lesson that we originally planned for Courageous, but worked well with these kiddos. We taught a Jeopardy lesson that included fun facts about fishing, Harbor history, and species that live in Boston Harbor. The kids seemed to have a great time and learned a lot, which was great!

Friday, we were at Carson Beach for the last beach bash of the summer. We had the usual kayaking, fishing, swimming, sports, with added activities like sand raking and sand castle making. Many hot dogs were eaten and fun was had!

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn at the Fort Point Festival!
On Sunday, I worked the Fort Point Festival with Tia, Kamal, and Jasmine, by the Fort Point Channel. We had a touch tank with a rock crab and a lobster, and had some broad sheets and coloring papers. It was a fun event, with lots of different food vendors giving out free samples of food and musicians and even a petting zoo! The petting zoo was right by us--with goats, a sheep, a pig, chickens, ducks, and bunnies. Hard to compete with so many cute baby animals, but luckily there were a handful of kids that were very excited to see our lobster and crab! One young toddler refused to leave our touch tank and kept saying, "Lobster! Lobster! Lobster!" It was very cute. Another toddler had the opposite reaction, and freaked out at the sight of the lobster, screaming and running away from us... Oops! It was a lovely event and Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn stopped by to say hi. Despite the heat, we had a good time!

Catch you next time,

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